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Ask us for a standard Mantec wheel carrier!
VPLDR0129 & VPLDR0130 were made for JLR and are not designed for general sale.
They are not sold or serviced by Mantec. If you need assistance contact your supplier or Jaguar Land Rover, not ISG Accessories Ltd.
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Spare Wheel Carrier

MANTEC’s Spare Wheel Carrier is a unique, patented and EU Registered design for the rear door of the Land Rover Defender. If you have ever had a door mounted spare wheel carrier rattle and then fall apart, you will appreciate the design and our manufacturing quality.

Correct fitting to your vehicle is essential for full benefit of the design.

The details shown here are for a wheel carrier designed and supplied by Mantec for standard Defender vehicles using the new 2020 version out now.
For your warranty keep a note/photograph of the unique number located on the frame sticker.