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Defender Winch Bumpers (WBMDEF)

MANTEC manufacture a range of winch bumpers to suit most applications.
All our bumpers are electro phosphate and then powder coated to give a durable black finish.

Our winch bumper range also includes some versions of our designs which contain daytime running lights, these are available exclusively from Flatdog:

If you are unsure that your desired winch will fit a MANTEC bumper, please contact customer services and we will be happy to advise.

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510-WBMDEF; designed to fit the WARN 9.5ti/Cti winch and is compatible with Aircon fronted vehicles and the genuine factory soft “winch” A bar and bumper rubber end caps. This bumper will accept offset winches which have the same physical size or smaller than the WARN 9.5ti/Cti. The 510 is independently tested and certified; you can be sure it’s built for the job.

511-WBMDEF; Following on from the design success of our 510 Mantec added the WARN Zeon winch bumper for Defender to the range. The 511 will ONLY accept the WARN ZEON range of winches. The spec is otherwise the same as the 510.

509-WBMDEF; for NON aircon vehicles but with all the same features as the 511.

507WBMDEF; meeting customer demand we manufacture our special Spectre bumper; designed and built by MANTEC for the Defenders supplied by Land Rover to the Spectre film set.

This is compatible for aircon fronted Defenders and includes all the features of the other Zeon bumpers in the range.

NOTE :- IF you are fitting a genuine soft A bar, it must be the winch version.

Product Lines
507-WBMDEFOriginal Spectre design WARN Zeon winch -
508-WBMDEFSpectre style with DRLs; Flatddog exclusive-
509-WBMDEFWarn Zeon Winch Bumper -Non A/C-
510-WBMDEFWarn 9.5ti /Cti A/C - compatible with Soft A-Bar-
511-WBMDEFWarn Zeon Winch A/C - compatible with Soft A-Bar-
513-WBMDEFWARN Zeon A/C with DRLs FLATDOG exclusive-
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